Giant solar

Giant solar

Why install a solar system? Benefits include:

  • Saving tens of thousands of dollars over two decades
  • Installation prices have become affordable
  • Increasing property value
  • Not depending on utility companies
  • Avoiding changing electricity prices
  • Industry standards guarantee 80% performance after 25 years
  • Producing clean energy and protecting the environment


Some of the products we supply and use are:

We are the authorised suppliers of our Giant Solar range, produced with cells from top solar manufacturers. Giant Solar solutions include systems that are installed on roofs or flat surfaces and portable systems that produce power on the go.

Giant Solar products are adapted for Australia’s harsh conditions. They deliver excellent performance at competitive prices and come with industry warranties so you can rely on your solar system for a long period of time.

We supply products for both grid connect and off grid systems (which means you can produce electricity anywhere and don’t depend on utility companies at all) and integrated power systems that you can use on the go or in remote locations.

Start saving money from the first day and continue producing clean energy for up to 30 years, without being affected by fluctuating prices and contributing to environmental pollution!

Solar markets all over the world have grown significantly in the last years, because solar systems deliver an excellent return on investment and are easier to install than ever. Join the global solar trend and let us provide all of your solar needs at your home or office; high quality products that comply with all the relevant Australia Standards.

Find your solar solution now and contact us now for a free Quotation!

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