Calm Point Constructions

Calm Point Constructions

We make interior spaces suitable for use and customised to your individual requirements, not matter what the destination of your property or rented space. The team at Calm Point can transform your concepts and ideas into reality by providing you with a high quality professional fitout. The finished look will be sure to impress your clients and staff.

Make your property safe by letting licensed asbestos removal contractors to handle hazardous materials. We find the right solution for your project – either complete removal of asbestos or encapsulation/encasement. We specialise in many different forms of asbestos removal, however some of the most requested projects for clients include roof removal and replacements and removal and replacement of fences.


We adapt our services because every client is unique! We can handle a range of special requirements so your dream comes true.




The space where we live shapes our lives – offer your clients their dream home with our help!

The aspect and quality of your commercial spaces not only make a lasting impression on your clients, but also have an impact on your activity. Let us help you move your business forward!

Our project management team makes sure everything runs smoothly and work is completed in time and within the allocated budget.

Start a new chapter by remodelling your property – renovations also increase its value and you’ll get a good return on investment whether you use the space or sell it to someone else.

These spaces are vital for your comfort and it takes experience and creativity to get them right. You can call us for bathroom and kitchen projects that will make you feel like home!

A property is not complete without great surroundings and the first impression of visitors or potential buyers depends on the quality of landscaping services.
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